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HSS drill bits - drilling in any type of household metal and in most types of material, but especially designed for drilling metal, as the HSS is harder and stands up to the high temperatures. The front edges cut the material and the spirals along the length remove the debris from the hole and tend to keep the bit straight. (HHS drill bits are the least expensive of the metal drill bits because they are not as durable and need to be replaced sooner than cobalt drill bits).

Cobalt HSS drill bits - solid cobalt alloyed high speed steel with high temperature and abrasion resistance. Perfect for drilling in high tensile steels like stainless steel, cast iron, cast steel, bronze and weld seams. Cobalt drill bits also stay cooler than HSS bits. Drilling into hard metals can take longer than with softer metals, so a drill bit can become hot. A drill bit becomes weaker as it heats up, so keeping a Cobalt bit cool increases its strength.

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