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Sabre saw blades

Increased heat resistance and extended blade life, precision cutting edge that keeps the teeth sharper longer. Tough, flexible body resists breaking and meet flexibility and stiffness needs for a large number of applications Thick blades for high performance cutting through tough materials such as hard wood, metal and even small bricks.

Wide variety of sizes for every professional cutting need and suitable for the most demanding applications SPARKY Sabre saw blades come in sets of 2 for convenience.

Carefully selected jig saw blades materials for every applications, which guarantees the use of the best materials and long blade life:

Carbon steel blades for use in softer materials such as wood, laminated chipboard and plastics.
They are flexible and especially good when realiable woodworking blades are needed for general use.

Fully hardened high-speed steel blades for use in metal, aluminum and non-ferrous metal. They are harder and more wear resistant than carbon steel blades, although a little less flexible.

Bi-metal blades combine the best of carbon steel and high speed steel blades. Highly flexible and tough, they suitable for the most demanding applications where there is a risk of shank breakage. These blades can be used for wood, metal, non-ferrous metals and aluminum. Depending on the width of the blade, they are suitable for narrow curved cuts, general tasks with above-average load or quick, clean straight cuts. 

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